The 9 Essentials to Navigate Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer comes with many hurdles and challenges. This workshop provide valuable information on how to prepare and combat the 9-Essensial factors that any woman (or man) will face after diagnosis and how to not only endure as you meet the various challenges but thrive.
The 9-Essentials to Navigate Breast Cancer was created by Dr. Charley Ferrer who experienced many of these difficulties when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, thus she’s been in the trenches and shares all she discovered, including:
* Knowing your diagnosis and what’s ahead* Preparing financially* Establishing & managing your posse* Getting your affairs in order (Legal Issues)* Creating a positive attitude -vs -survivor mentality* Creative Movement* Eating to Live & Recover* Sex, Love & Intimacy* Thriving into your future
Who can benefit from this workshop?Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with breast cancer or have been living with it for a while, this workshop will help you discover many aspects which you were not told or haven’t considered. You will discover many ways to overcome and void hurdles while you’re dealing with the various challenges cancer and it’s complications “will” throw your way. You’ll discover how to prepare and thrive despite cancer.
Nurse navigator, social worker, therapist, physicians and loved ones you will benefit from the information provided during this workshop and be able to share it with others. This workshop will provide real-life situations, experiences, and ways to overcome the challenges faced. (Note: please inquire about special workshops available strictly for medical/mental health practitioners on the 9-Essentials.)
Handouts will be provided.
Note: Though this workshop is conducted from a breast cancer perspective, the issues covered are beneficial to individuals diagnosed with any form of cancer or chronic illness.