Cancer Tamer in the News and Spreading the Word


In the News -- Breast Cancer Mermaid Art Project 

Check out Margo Wilson's article in the Chronicle Newspaper and discover how you too can submit your artwork on breast cancer.  


Breast Cancer Diaries -- The Play

Breast Cancer Diaries is an award winning play featuring stories of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer; sharing fears, challenges, and those hilariously insane moments. 


Cancer Tamer TV Talk Show  

Join us as we interview doctors, clinicians and new age practitioners to learn the secrets to living with cancer and it's difficulties



Cancer tamer has created some amazing educational documentaries. 
Click the button below to learn more.


Appearances by Dr. Charley Ferrer 

Dr Charley Ferrer is often called upon to advocate for the cancer community. 
Check out where Dr. Charley will be and when; then join us and say hello.


Speaking events 

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a highly sought after Empowerment Speaker and Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate. She has lectured throughout the US, Latin America and China on Breast Cancer Awareness, Self-Empowerment, and Sexual Health. 
Dr. Charley has been the keynote speaker at various conferences and medical conventions. To book her for your upcoming event, click the link below.   


Cancer Tamer in the News 

Cancer Tamer is a revolutionary new voice and outlook on breast cancer providing education and empowerment to women (and men) with breast cancer. 
Check out what the newspapers had to say about us this time and the work and various programs we're providing. Be sure to share your own thoughts with us. 

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Call for Artists

We are hosting our Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Project Exhibition during our Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo, May 4, 2024 in Brooksville FL. This is another way we are bringing education and awareness about breast cancer.