Breast Cancer Diaries — The Play


Original cast


Final curtain call

Off-Broadway Sensation

Winner of 2 Awards
* Won Regional Award for Best Drama
* Won Second Place in National Award for Best Short Script National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Breast Cancer Diaries--The Play is a compilation of stories about women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, sharing a little bit of drama and a whole lot of comedy and inspiration. All the stories are true.
The comments in this Play are intended to give Voice to the thoughts, dreams, struggles, and triumphs faced by women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.
Please contact the publisher if you wish to perform Breast Cancer Diaries or use it as a fundraiser for your organization.

This award-winning play is available in manuscript form through Amazon.

Breast Cancer Diaries, the play manuscript is perfect for directors, cast members, and theatre production personnel.
Please contact us if you wish to produce or perform Breast Cancer Diaries as a fundraiser for your organization.