Cancer Tamer

Cancer may change your body, your looks, and shatter your self-confidence
BUT, it doesn’t define who you are!

Have just been diagnosed with cancer?

You will be frightened and scared.
You will be bombarded by people telling you to “fight” and destroy it.
Yet, they don’t realize that cancer is not an “outside force invading,” it is an “inside force residing.”
Cancer can be in our blood, our breasts, our DNA and when we attempt to destroy it, we inadvertently destroy a part of ourselves along the way. We have to find a better way to deal with cancer because we should not be at war with our body.


Peace can not be kept by force only by understanding”

Albert Einstein

STOP the war against our bodies

We can all be that beautiful mermaid no matter what breast cancer throws at us.
Let’s STOP the war against our bodies. It's a battle we can never win.
Instead, let's educate ourselves and find healthier ways to live with cancer and the fear of its possible recurrence.


How do you tame cancer when it seems impossible?

Through:●  education●  eating healthier●  rest●  exercises/body movement●  lifestyle changes●  body love and awareness● medical treatment when necessary      (traditional and holistic)
We can live a healthy happy prosperous life alongside–and despite–our cancer diagnosis.


When cancer knocks on your door, invite it in for tea. Then remind it and yourself that you’re in charge and you’re willing and able to kickass when necessary! 

Frustrated with the lack of information and treatment options available, Dr. Charley Ferrer created the Cancer Tamer Foundation

Dr. Charley is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist & Sex Therapist. She is the award-winning author of several books on relationships, sexuality, self-empowerment and breast cancer. She has produced several documentaries on breast cancer, hosts a television talk show, and her play, Breast Cancer Diaries was an off-Broadway sensation and has won several awards.  
Dr. Charley is the concept creator of the Breast Cancer Mermaid™  Dr. Charley’s revolutionary new way of thinking about cancer is turning heads, creating controversy, and reminding women and men that we should not be at war with our body! 


Dr Charley Ferrer    Concept Creator of the Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project

Helping women embrace their new normal

Cancer Tamer Philosophy

Let’s STOP the war against our bodies and instead begin to educate ourselves

Let's find healthier ways to live with breast cancer and the fear of its possible recurrence. Through education, eating healthier, rest, exercises, and yes, medical treatment when necessary, we can live a healthy happy prosperous life alongside–and despite–our cancer diagnosis.

Our mission: Educate -- Inspire -- Empower

To provide education on breast cancer.To provide education on sexual health.To promote and enhance body awareness, self-acceptance, and sensual enjoyment.To conduct workshops on sexual health and body love issues.To create services and products for women with breast cancer that are not readily available elsewhere.To inspire women (and men) on life, living, and the pursuit of happiness despite breast cancer.

Taming Cancer

Becoming a Cancer Tamer is about learning that cancer “needs” to sit quietly by your side and not attack you.
It’s about learning how to tame your cancer and create a new life for yourself. 
Discover how you can lead a prosperous, healthy, sensually fulfilling life.

Become a Cancer Tamer today


It's not about living in fear; it's about learning to go with the flow, advocate for yourself, and tame your cancer. 

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Call for Artists

We are hosting our Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project Exhibition during our Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo, May 4, 2024, at Hernando Park in Brooksville Florida. This is another way we are bringing education and awareness about breast cancer.