Cancer Tamer provides Education, Empowerment Services, and Life-Enriching Activities to women with cancer. We provide a new way to think, look and live with cancer because no one should be at war with their body!

For decades, the medical community has taught us that cancer is the enemy; that we should eradicate it; that it’s something we must try to survive, overcome, and destory. Fear was spoon feed to us in every word, advertisement, and discussion until the word cancer equated death and our bodies became the enemy.

The medical community treats women like cattle and mastectomies are now “an afternoon procedure” where they send you home after removing your breasts and performing reconstruction. Cancer organizations want you to rise up, be a “warrior” and battle this disease; overlooking the fact that cancer is not an outside force inviting, it’s an inside force residing. It’s in our blood, our breasts, our DNA and as we attempt to destroy it, we inadvertently destroy ourselves. There has to be a better way!

Instead of being at war with our bodies, we need to find a way to co-exist with cancer and the possibility of its recurrence. If we constantly order ourselves to,  “do battle, to destroy cancer, to overcome, to wipe out, to cut off parts of ourselves, etc.,” then we create a battlefield we cannot possibly win. Our body will battle against itself as it listens to our subconscious dictates for destruction–destruction of itself!

Let’s STOP battling our bodies and instead begin to educate ourselves and find healthier more productive ways to life with cancer and it’s possible recurrence. Through education, eating healthier, rest, exercises, and yes, medical treatment when necessary, we can live a healthy happy prosperous life alongside, and even despite, the cancer.

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