Reducing Your Financial Toxicity

Everyday bills can get us down. Throw in having to pay for medications, tests, and obtaining alternative treatment options and you’re lucking if you can keep your head above water. Trying to keep it together can become a real nightmare.

Discover how to Reduce Your Financial Toxicity with a few proven methods and tricks learned from other women and men going through breast cancer.

Our workshop will address:
* ways to reduce your credit card payments
* how to try and keep your credit score from being destroyed
* generating creative payment options
* where to find available grants to help pay for treatment and monthly bills
* obtaining home health care options
* finding transportation for doctor’s visits
* the tricks and “wording” necessary to have medical supplies covered
* and much more!

Having breast cancer should not destroy your financial health as well.

Discover how you can reduce the financial burden for you and your family by thinking outside the box. The time to start safeguarding your financial well-being for today and your future is now!