Breast Cancer Mermaid Mural in Hernando County, Florida


Cancer Tamer is looking for artists for our upcoming Breast Cancer Mermaid Mural 



Example of Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Mural

We are planning a Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Mural for two different locations in Hernando County. Each location will host its own artwork. Selection for these murals will be made from all entries received thus far.  
The Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Mural will be divided into three sections. The central part will showcase the chosen artwork. One section will be dedicated for individuals with breast cancer, both women and men, to inscribe their names. The opposite section will be reserved for our sponsors to place a tile bearing their name or company's name. Tiles can also bear the name of a departed loved one or your own name, including previous and current Breast Cancer Mermaid™ art entries. Available tile sizes are 4x4, 4x6, and 6x9 inches. The sale of these tiles will contribute to funding the murals and providing empowerment services and programs for women battling breast cancer. (The painting shown is merely an example and will not be utilized for the murals.) 
We are looking for Sponsors and Donations to achieve our goal of creating these two murals.   

We are looking for Sponsors, Donations, and individuals who wish to purchase a personal Tile to achieve our goal of creating these two murals. If you are interested in purchasing a tile for yourself, a loved one, or your company, please email us to receive further information. 


How to enter

Submission: Currently Open Deadline: August 25, 2024  
Exhibition Date: October 2024 (TBA) Location: TBA  
Guidelines & Details: Original artwork only. Any artist/anywhere--at any level--can enter their artwork. Only one entry per artists. 
Size: Smallest size 11x16 --- Largest size 36x48
Medium: All art mediums welcomed -- acrylic, oil, watercolor, and multi-media; photography, sculptures etc. (Photographs that are not of the individual submitting the photo must be accompanied by a notarized signed release from the subject in photo.) Yes, mermaids in human form--with legs, hair/no hair, shells/no shells accepted.  
Your artwork does not need to show mastectomies nor scars, however it must keep to the theme of this art project, of "a mermaid with breast Cancer. Those that do not meet our theme's parameters will not be accepted nor displayed.
Description Tag:  Include a typed 3×5 inches index card in Times New Roman font with: (a) the name of your painting (b) a description of the "meaning" of your artwork. For instance, "Why did you paint it? What does it mean to you?" (c) artist's name centered at the bottom of card 
Print your full name on the back of the painting, legibly in permanent marker or by glueing/taping your contact info to the back of your painting.  
Artist is not required to be present during exhibition; however, is welcomed to do so. Note: several additional exhibitions are already planned.  Artist MUST: (1) Email a picture of your artwork to: gro.remaTrecnac%40ofni Subject line: Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Mural submission 
(2) Artist will receive a confirmation of acceptance or rejection. 
(3) Once you receive your acceptance reply, mail your canvas or artwork to: 
Cancer Tamer FoundationAttn: Dr. Charley Ferrer – BCM 7789 South Suncoast Blvd, #133Homosassa, Florida 34446  
Artist is responsible for mailing/delivering their artwork in an appropriate mailing envelope/protective packaging, even if you are personally dropping it off. Cancer Tamer Foundation is not responsible for any damage nor loss in transit nor at exhibitions.   Canvas artwork must be mounted/stretched. All artwork should have a hard backing or frame (no glass) to ensure it can stand on its own. Artwork provided is considered a donation to Cancer Tamer Foundation and will not be returned. Note: This is not the only exhibition planned. We will continue to exhibit the artwork submitted at various events we participate/host throughout the coming year. 
All artwork submitted grants Cancer Tamer Foundation the right to showcase it on our website, during events, and on any marketing materials as we deem appropriate. Artwork is considered a donation to Cancer Tamer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women with breast cancer. 
Prizes:Winners will be selected for our Breast Cancer Mermaid Mural. More than one winner may/will be chosen for subsequent murals. Winners chosen by Cancer Tamer judges. Judges’ decisions are final. 
Copyright & Consent of use: Artist retains all copyrights. Submission is declaration and acknowledgement of original work & consent for Cancer Tamer to display the artwork as it deems appropriate without compensation. Accepted artwork may be displayed on our website, during exhibitions, and on various marketing materials. Artist agrees to donate submission painting(s) to Cancer Tamer Foundation. 
Questions:  Email us at gro.remaTrecnac%40ofni with any questions or for more information. You can also call our office at 718-916-4124 from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm with questions.