Michael Jackson Night out.

Cancer Tamer was thrilled to have partnered with St. George Theatre on Staten Island to see Michael Jackson’s Invincible show on April 6, 2024. The venue was lovely and Cancer Tamer members were able to take pictures with the "Michael Jackson" performer. We laughed and sang along and some of us even did our own version of the Moon Walk. Best of all, we had time together with family and friends and forgot about cancer for a while. It's what Cancer Tamer's Celebrate Life events are all about. 
Our sincere THANKS to the owners of St. George Theatre and their staff for making this a fun night.  

A little info about the St. George Theatre. It was built in 1929. It was closed for many years and needed extensive work performed to bring it back to its glory days. In 2004, Mrs. Rosemary Cappozalo and her daughters started a non-profit foundation to raise money to redecorate and renovate the theatre. With the help of many individuals and the community, St. George opened its doors once again, offering prominent acts and performers. St George Theatre is located at 23 Hyatt Street on Staten Island, NY.