Living & Dying – A Breasts’ Perspective

Living & Dying -- A Breast' Perspective is a unique experiential program designed specifically for women to help address the loss of your breasts, whether that was due to a mastectomy or lumpectomy and how your new body image affects your life. eaOur breasts are not the sum total of who we are; however, we developed an ambiguous relationship with them since our early childhood. At times, they became a sign of our womanhood.   
Being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing surgery changes your connection with your breasts and your internal body image. How you see and feel about yourself, your body, and being a woman. 
During this experiential workshop, we will address the connections you have developed with your breasts from infancy to adulthood, in motherhood, as lover, and everything in-between.  
Through this experiential workshop, you will discover how to create your own way to say goodbye to that certain sensual part of yourself which you feel you've lost after your diagnosis to allow you to reclaim who you are now and how you connect to your new body image and your breasts. Yes, the loss of your initial body image is often present following reconstruction surgery and will cause some stress and emotional issues. 
You will discover a new way to live with and embrace your “new” breasts and body image whether you had a single/dual mastectomy or lumpectomy, had reconstructive surgery, went flat, or are anywhere in between.  
This is where you're allowed to mourn the loss of your breasts and be supported emotionally and spiritually while doing so. This is where you're able to truly start healing.