Introduction to Living with Breast Cancer

Have you or a loved one been newly diagnosed with breast cancer? Are you seeking answers but don’t know where to turn? Do you feel like you’re on the edge of a cliff and no one hears your screams? Does it feel like you’re on a runaway train running from one doctor’s appointment or test to another?
Join Dr. Charley Ferrer, a breast cancer patient herself, as she helps you put the brakes on the insanity and navigate the challenges you’ll face as you cope with breast cancer and daily living. This workshop is not about treatment options (that’s for your physician to address), it’s about navigating and living through the struggles and challenges of breast cancer. We’ll provide information on:
How to break the news to family, friends and your employerQuestions to ask your physician before surgeryHow to prepare yourself and your home for surgery and ongoing treatmentWhat resources are available to cancer patients & their familiesWays to handle financial challengesTricks to keep your spirits highAnd much more… 
For a more in-depth look at how to live and thrive despite breast cancer, check out our workshop: The 9-Essentials to Navigate Breast Cancer.
Breast cancer brings with it many twists and turns. Discover how to navigate its crossroad from someone who’s been in the trenches and made it through. Dr. Charley breaks through the silence and discusses what you SHOULD know but AREN’T told about breast cancer.
Life should never be merely about surviving; it should be about thriving despite your diagnosis because you shouldn’t be at war with your body!