Empowerment Series

This is not your typical “Support Group!”
Cancer Tamer’s Empowerment Series is a unique program created by a breast cancer patient for breast cancer patients. Each week is specifically structured to address the special needs of breast cancer patients, taking into account the unique aspects of treatment, finances, and the emotional and mental health of women and men diagnosed with with this disease.
Empowerment Series is structured to address one aspect of life with breast cancer each week, using various modalities including experiential learning to view the specific challenges you’ll face and how to prepare for them, to allow you to create the best possible outcome for yourself and your family that you can grow in strength and self-esteem.
Empowerment Series is 9-week program, 1-time a week for 1.5 – 2 hours. Below are a few of the topics covered:
Your outlook on breast cancer and life to create a NEW outlookWriting to healFinancial support & resourcesEmotional HealthCreative MovementEating to Live & RecoverReclaiming your sensual divinityCreating & Maintaining your PosseLegal IssuesAnd much more…We welcome women (and men) to our workshops regardless of whether they were recently diagnosed; have been living with breast cancer for a while; are following the standard treatment; or are dealing with breast cancer holistically.
Each Empowerment Series workshop builds on the one before it. A different topic is addressed each week. Our focus is on empowering women (and men) to embrace their inner power and create the life they wish to live. Yes, loved ones registered for the workshop are welcomed. Empowerment Assignments will be provided during each week.
Please review our schedule for the next course. If you wish to bring our Empowerment Series to your organization, please contact us.
*Note: Though our Empowerment Series will address mental health issues, this is not your typical “Support Group” where individuals talk about their daily lives and struggles with breast cancer. If you are seeking a “Support Group,” please check with your nurse navigator or treatment hospital.