The Making of a Mermaid  - Part 1

The Making of a Mermaid - Part 1

I had the privilege to join Iona Parris, the Seashell Queen, at the Mermaid Summit in Miami sponsored by Carrie Watta of Afro Mermaid on June 20 – 24. The best part of all was that Iona and I started my “transformation into being a mermaid” with a Road Trip which started in Homosassa and ended over 400 miles later in Homestead, Miami. This six-and-a-half-hour road trip flew by as Iona and I spent the entire trip sharing stores about our various adventures and discovered a bit about each other’s business endeavors. 

As you already know my passion is to educate, inspire, and empower women with breast cancer through the Cancer Tamer Foundation and the various programs we provide, I’ll focus on Iona’s mission to help veterans and share her creative seashell collection with the world.

Iona started collecting seashells as a way to help her de-stress and bring her life into balance. She gave her creativity free reign and began making spectacular seashell creations. Her company SeaShell Queen Collection produces one-of-a-kind handmade SeaShell Crowns and other accessories.

This Air Force Veteran also created and manages the Military Mermaid Program for the Wounder Warrior’s Program. The Military Mermaid Group helps veterans, active-duty personnel, and their loved ones reduce stress, including the symptoms of PTSD by finding their “fin—footing.” Iona literally teaches participants how to swim like a mermaid using mono-fins. Yep, I said it; she helps veterans swim like mermaids. Hundreds of women and men have participated in her Military Mermaid Program. You’ll be amazed to discover that swimming as a mermaid/merman is not only e great for your physical health, it’s beneficial for your mental health as well.

Join me as I share this transformative journey with you and discover things about the Mermaid Realm you may not have considered.

Below are some pictures taken throughout my four-day journey into Becoming a Mermaid. I welcome your questions, comments, and as always, you’re welcome to share the information you discover here with others. This four part series will share pictures, experiences, and information I hope you find useful. I also invite you to contact me if you’re interested in joining our Breast Cancer Mermaid Pod. The Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Pod was recommended by Iona Parris to allow women with breast cancer to swim together as mermaids and/or as two-legged swimmers. Iona and several other women have volunteered to help us create our own “Pod of Mermaids” and someday soon we’ll be able to get together and swim. Drop of a line if you’re interested.

Day 1

My experience and transformation into becoming a Mermaid began with a road trip to my first Mermaid Summit. I am so excited. I got up super-early, took a shower, put on my make-up, and then drove 70-miles to pick up the Seashell Queen, Iona Paris before continuing our trip to Homestead, Miami for the Mermaid summit being hosted by the Carrie Watta of the Afro Mermaid.

Dr. Charley Ferrer & Iona Parris <br>Road Trip 

Dr. Charley Ferrer &amp; Iona Parris&nbsp;<br>Road Trip&nbsp;

Our trip had me feeling a little like Thelma and Louise. This was the first adventure I’d had in two years since jumping in my car and taking off from New York to Florida to purchase a home I’d never seen to begin the Florida Branch of Cancer Tamer Foundation. It’s incredible how all too often we get so mired in our day-to-day drudgery we forget the world is full of possibilities and manifestations we can turn into reality if you only take that first step.

Iona was a gracious guide introducing me to everyone she knew and encouraging me to participate in all the activities provided. What I found most welcoming was that everyone at the event was so welcoming and accepting of each other. There were no cliquish corners. Those that already knew each other made it a point to speak to others they didn’t know and say, “S-hello.” 

I also met Morgana the founder of MerMagic Con who produces a Professional Mermaid show and was showcased on the Netflix MerFolk Documentary. I found Morgana inspiring as she is dedicated to ensuring the safety of others, especially her mermaids. "No Dead Mermaids," is her motto and a sentiment everyone reinforced. 

Iona Parris and Morgana of MerMagic Con 

Iona Parris and Morgana of MerMagic Con&nbsp;

The Welcome Festivities began with a karaoke event of playful songs beginning with our Host’s rendition of the famous song sung by “The Little Mermaid.”  Starting with the song from the Little Mermaid, Part of Your World. She didn’t mind when almost everyone else joined in to sing alongside her.

It was so heartwarming to see everyone sing along and cheer each other on as they sang; both women and men.  

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Inona Parris, Seashell Queen 

Inona Parris, Seashell Queen&nbsp;