Peddler's Post

Peddler's Post

We wanted to take a moment to give a major shout out to Amy Amdahl and Pedder's Post our Advertising Partner for the Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo and Breast Cancer Mermaid Art Project Exhibition. 

In a world inundated with digital over-connect; where we are force-fed advertisements in our news feeds, our mailboxes, our emails. Peddler Post takes you back… 

Back to a time when a community worked together for the betterment of the whole, by choice. That is how Peddler’s Post, Central Florida’s Most Fun Community Paper flows. 

Peddler's Post partners with the small businesses in our communities to provide and distribute their paper to the neighborhoods we live in. And of course, when you pick up the Peddler’s Post, you support the businesses in our neighborhoods--those run by our neighbors.   

Plus, they don't just give you ads, they entertain you with fun and quirky jokes, puzzles, history, community events, short stories from local literary talent, monthly contests, recipes, FREE classified ads (there is a charge for businesses), and so much more in each monthly edition. It's why we partnered with them for the Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo.  

Be sure to join us May 4th and stop by THEIR booth. They have tons of goodies to give away. And Amy Amdahl, the owner will be our wonderful Emcee.