Meet our Vendors

Meet our Vendors

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a little update about our vendors for Cancer Tamer’s Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo.  I’m providing their information in alphabetical order. I know you’ll be thrilled by the information they have to share and marvel at the Arts & Crafts they’ll be selling during the event.

Alzheimer’s Organization will be available to speak about the intricacies of this illness and provide some fun Brain-Tease activities for participants.  

Jasmine Cora will be our fabulous LIVE MERMAID—yep, mermaid tail and all. She is also submitting some of her fabulous artwork for the Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project. You’ll have to stop by our tent to check out her painting and that of all our other artists. Jasmine will be available for pictures, by donation.  

Brooke Sobolewski is a Medical Insurance Broker and will be able to discuss with you information about getting the best medical coverage plan for you and your family.

Georgia Bronnert  is an Intuitive Reader and will provide information and answer questions you may have about life.

Julia Pasqua of Lilith’s Attic will be selling her wonderful Artwork and various crafts during the Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo. I met her @Art in the Part in Brooksville last weekend and was so impressed with her work, I can’t wait to see her again.  She will also be providing her rendition of the Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project. Be sure to stop by Cancer Tamer’s booth during the Health Expo. Check out her art here:  

Melissa Davidson will be providing Angel Readings and Tarot Readings during the Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo. Be sure to stop by her table.. 

Pat Johnson from POM FLOAT is one of our new Sponsors and will be available to speak with you about the Therapeutic benefits of FLOATING. Discover more about this wonderful holistic therapy at

Peddler's Post run by Amy and Matt Amdahl is one of our Sponsoring Partners. They will be on hand to share their wonderful Funniest Community Paper full of information about local businesses in your area and all they have to offer. Plus, Peddler's Post will have wonderful surprises to share. Be sure to stop by their booth! But don't wait till May 4th, check out the Peddler's Post website. Also stop by their Facebook Page and discover the free giveaways such as Free Food Fridays sponsored by local eateries and the Monday singalongs and more. 

Pine Brooks Pharmacy of Brooksville has partnered with Cancer Tamer to provide the community with vaccinations such as: Covid 19, Shingles, pneumonia, D-Tep (Tetanus shots) and more. Vaccinations are free for low-income or uninsured. (Yes, you’ll be able to sign up at their booth for this and fill out the paperwork.) If you have insurance, they can bill your insurance.

Theo Rooding and his family will be selling some Arts & Crafts created by him and his family. You’ll definitely want to stop by his booth. Imagine, many of the items were created by his young daughter—what an inspiration. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy Theo’s musical ability during the performances planned during the Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo at our Amphitheater. Theo is also a proud military veteran and has an aura of Peace surrounding him and his friendly wholesome energy will inspire you.

These are just a few of our vendors for the Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo. If you would like to become one of our vendors, entertainment provider, or are an artist wanting to exhibit your art, please be sure to contact us.