Graceful AND Stronger

Graceful AND Stronger

Today I received the latest submission for the Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project, created by Johan Casadiego from Spring Hill, Florida. Each painting received has its own story its own beauty and reminds women diagnosed with breast cancer that they are still that powerful beautiful courageous woman they were Johan put it, Graceful AND Stronger! You can see more of his amazing artistic creations on FB

His painting is called:  Graceful AND Stronger

Johan states, “I wanted to represent a beautiful and strong mermaid in her own environment. She is very elegant and confident and even though she has a scar for her left breast, she still keeps her magical presence.”

Bio: Joan "Johan" Casadiego:

I was born in Venezuela. I usually look for new ways to community with the viewers through different styles or themes. I try not to limit myself to only one medium to express my thoughts. I've used photography, sculpture, drawing, graphic desig, and painting as tools to create meaningful compositions. My mind is always working and associating shapes on everything I see. This also helps me get more sensitive to the richness of lights and shadows around me. I'm constantly noticing elements that give me ideas to create new compositions. I have been blessed to have received awards in paintings, graphic design and photography, and I thank God for all my skills and accomplishments.