Get it Off Your Chest: The Funny Side of Breast Cancer

Get it Off Your Chest: The Funny Side of Breast Cancer

I want to share with you the most wonderful Podcast I’ve found this past year,  Get it Off Your Chest: The Funny Side of Breast Cancer which I fell in love with and ensure to listen to weekly. The Podcast has reached it’s one-year anniversary and is hosted by Andrea Moulding and Estelle Maher. Don’t ask me how I found them because I really can’t remember. I figure it was divine intervention. Smiles.  These two ladies talk about breast cancer the way it should be discussed; with laughter and tongue-in-cheek humor. I’m not surprised to hear Andrea say some people get upset that the show pokes fun of breast cancer or that some people angrily state, “there’s nothing funny about breast cancer.” I figure those individuals have never lived with breast cancer and the insanity that often comes along with it.

If you’re not laughing, you’re crying or you’re mad as hell and that’s just no way to live, regardless of whether or not you have breast cancer.

Life is too short—and too damn long—to be unhappy and miserable. Therefore, find your laughter if not with this Podcast then with any other. Watch movies that make you laugh. You don’t need to watch horror films to be scared, you already live with fear, why add any more to your subconscious or your spirit? Nor do you need to watch the latest survival movie to know you are strong. Hell, you have cancer, of course you’re strong! 

If you need affirmation that comedy cares, check out Saranne Rothberg’s website and the study she’s conducting on how comedy affects your wellbeing. Her organization’s name is  Comedy Cures. She was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in 1999. She can attest to the benefits of comedy. And if you need the “major research organizaitons” to affirm that finding laughter in breast cancer is important, know that Susan G. Komen’s organization jumped on this bandwagon and hosted its Comedy Cures event to raise funds for their organization. 

I invite you to check out Get it Off Your Chest: The Funny Side of Breast Cancer and let us know what you think.

Live with Roaring passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer CEO, Cancer Tamer Foundation