Double the Pleasure -- Hernando Beach Front Porch Art Walk

Double the Pleasure -- Hernando Beach Front Porch Art Walk

Hey every, 

Did you hear about the Hernando Front Porch Art Walk. It happens every First Saturday of the Month at Hernando Beach. 

I know...I know...this May they fall on the same day as our Cinco de Mayo Weekend Health Expo, but that's okay, there's enough time in the day for you to enjoy BOTH events. You know the old saying, DOUBLE THE FUN. DOUBLE THE PLEASURE.

Diane Greenwell who spearheads the Hernando Beach Front Porch Art Walk is also hosting a Fundraiser for Cancer Tamer Foundation in collaboration with local artists and Brian's Place and Silver Dolfin to help us provide education and empowerment to women with breast cancer. Plus, there's wonderful artists selling their various art forms at the Hernando Beach Front Porch Art Walk. The last time I went, I purchase this fabulous bracelet from one of the artists and a cute little notebook to jot down my thoughts. 

Regardless of whether you go to one event or both, you're sure to have a blast.  Make sure to take pictures to share with us at our Facebook page. Some lucky person is going to win so cool prizes.