Breaking Barriers -- Exhition

Breaking Barriers -- Exhition

I never thought I'd have an exhibition of my photograph at a certified tmuseum must less be asked to sit on a panel of photographers to discuss one of my photos. This wasn't even on my Bucket List. Yet that's what happened tonight at the University of South Florida's Contemporary Art Museum. 

I participated last year in a Breaking Barriers Photography Class taught by Christian Cortes as part of a US Veteran's Hospital collaboration with USF. Christian was wonderful and so insightful on his critique of our photo's helping us how to create various compositions and teaching us about other photographers. 

It was such a surreal experience to witness my photos handing on the wall and discussing one of them: Unadorned. 

In this photo, top right, I was hoping to capture the essence of what I was looking at -- of capturing myself. And in the process of that photo and the discussion held, I discovered even more about myself and how I interpreted what I see in myself. 

The University of South Florida will be providing us with a recording and I'll post it once it's ready. For now, all I have are the photos. And a great appreciation for the Breaking Barriers Program and it's curator, Leslie Elsasser and Amy Allison, Program Coordinator.