A Mermaid Adventure

A Mermaid Adventure

I had the opportunity to visit the Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter in LeCanto, Florida. The facility was very quaint and had different tanks brimming with sea life, including stingrays and small sharks you could feed. Even Nemo swam in one of the fish tanks. Well, okay, maybe not the Disney Nemo, merely another clown fish, but you get the picture.

What I loved most wasn’t watching the Mermaid Show they put on—which was fantastic—no what I loved most was observing the crowd as they watched the show. We were all in awe of the mermaids’ performance. Let’s face it, how often do you get to see live mermaids swim and dance just a few feet away.

Though you’d expect the show would have been full of young moms and their kids, I was a little surprised to see the majority of the crowd was made up of elder adults, most in their late seventies and eighties, judging from their appearance. It was these elders who captured my attention. Seeing the smile which lid up their faces and put a twinkle in their eyes as they went up to the tanks and placed their hands on the glass which separated the mermaids from us. Women and men both eagerly walked to the glass wall; some with walkers. And yes, all the male elders posed for pictures as well. It warmed my heart to witness the joy I saw reflected in their eyes as they posed for a picture while the Mermaid floated behind them, or the elders placed their palm over that of the Mermaids on the other side.

The sheer joy of being so close to a “live mystical creature” was awe inspiring. Yes, I’ll admit, I too placed my hand against the glass and smiled so wide my heart felt it as Tristan, one of the merman in “human form” offered to take my picture as mermaids swam behind me.

I also had a chance to pet several of the stingrays which floated about in the aquarium’s large petting tank. The stingrays were so adorable and friendly. After a few minutes, they seemed to gravitate toward my corner of the petting tank coming to me to stroke them along the top of their bodies; kind of like when a puppy leans against you wanting to be petted and loved. I chuckled along with those watching as several stingrays came to my corner and vied for my attention. It was such a surreal experience, it had me talking playfully to the stingrays—as I’ve seen people do with their pets. The staff were wonderful and quick to share information about the animals and answer questions. There were even have a few parrots along the side wall. Hey, what’s a mermaid adventure without a pirate and a parrot or two.

Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter offers the ability for individuals to swing like merfolk as well. Yep, you heard me correctly; you can dress up in a mermaid fin they provide and swim like a mermaid (merman) in their special aquatic tanks among the fishes. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Guess what I plan to do for my sixty-first birthday. *Insert humongous smile here!*

Swimming as a mermaid is definitely an experience to treasure and experience for yourself. Be sure to share your own encounters and pictures with us when you do. This is an experience every adults can enjoy—for the kid inside you!

Coming Summer 2025, Cancer Tamer will be hosting a special one-of-a-kind Woman’s only Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Retreat. This three-day retreat will include empowerment education on living and thriving despite breast cancer; alternative health and holistic activities; Radical Hope workshops; Body Love workshops; and much more. Additionally, our Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Retreat will culminate with a Mermaid swim where participants will don a mermaid tail and reclaim their alluring sensual beautiful self. Contact us for further information about this unique program offered exclusively through Cancer Tamer and hosted by world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and the first “Cancer Tamer”, Dr. Charley Ferrer. The Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Retreat is an intimate gathering limited to thirty participants and held in Crystal River, Florida. Participants will also enjoy a private exhibition of the Breast Cancer Mermaid™ Art Project. Dates anticipated to be May/June 2025. Further information provided upon request.