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  1. I have found more support from women doing the alternative route, including a plant-based diet, friends and even from the kindness of strangers.

  2. How does one deal with negative relatives?

    Pretty well, most of my relatives divorced me especially my mom’s brother who is a doctor because they invslidated and wouldn’t respect my choices, only believing in the conventional routes.

  3. I didn’t have surgery because the surgeon felt the tumor was too large to remove April 2017 and recommended chemotherapy which I refused for a long time.

    My oncologist tried to scare me saying since it was in the right breast that U’d lose function of my entire right arm and hand.

    In my head, I thought medical lie and it never happened. He didn’t like that I wouldn’t listen and repeat his condescending crap.

  4. Terrie does ACCESS BARS energy healing and quantum medicine, Biophotons from Germany.

    This changes the cells back to normal.

    My kidneys were functioning 50 per cent in 2003 because of lithium via a psychiatrist. Now normal except for GFR.

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