If you’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer or are struggling with the challenges it brings whether emotionally, physically, or financially, The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Breast Cancer is a must read.

As a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Charley Ferrer dedicated her life to empowering others. Imagine her surprise when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and told, “we’ll tell you what you need to know, when we think you need to know it.”  Frustrated with the lack of information breast cancer patients receive about treatment options and holistic care, she began researching everything she could and then shared it with everyone she knew. Now she’s sharing it the most important factors of living and thrive despite breast cancer with you through this amazing book.

Throughout this book, Dr. Charley shares with you the secrets of what you SHOULD KNOW but AREN’T TOLD. Her charismatic and playful candor will have you laughing and preparing yourself for this often challenging journey; yet she’ll give you an insight into not just surviving breast cancer but TAMING it along the way as only another person with breast cancer can reveal. You’ll discover ways to:

* Take control of your life once more
* Fortify yourself for the challenges ahead, emotionally, physically, and financially
* How to prepare yourself for surgery and the return home
* How to care for yourself after surgery and the new challenges that’ll bring
* How to eat healthier through Creative Nutrition
* How to address legal concerns
* How to create your own Cancer Tamer Posse
* And much much more…

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer herself and undergoing several surgeries and multiple complications, Dr. Charley Ferrer understands the vast nuances, frustrations and challenges it can bring to you and your family. Most of all, she;s discovered ways to thrive despite the cancer and shares those discoveries with you.

Breast cancer can be hell but your life doesn’t have to be. It’s time to stop merely surviving and start thriving! If not now, when?

Regardless of whether your a woman or man, loved one or health care provide, this book is a must read for anyone touched by breast cancer!

Pre-order your copy now and save. Paperback Retail Price $24.95

Pre-Order paperback only $19.95

eBook: $7.99


A little about Dr. Charley Ferrer:
Dr Charley Ferrer Press PictureDr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Empowerment Speaker and award-winning author. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and thyroid cancer in 2017. Frustrated with the lack of information and treatment options provided to cancer patients, Dr. Charley established the Cancer Tamer Foundation which focuses on education and empowerment for women (and men) diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2019, she wrote the play, Breast Cancer Diaries which premiered to a sold out audience on Staten Island & Manhattan along with two documentary files: Messages of Hope and Faces of Breast Cancer. Her philosophy on breast cancer is realizing that cancer is not an “outside force” invading instead it’s an “inside force” residing. “It’s in our blood, our breasts, our DNA and in our attempts to destroy it, we are inadvertently destroying ourselves. Instead, we should learn how to ‘tame’ cancer” because we shouldn’t be at war with our bodies. Dr. Charley Ferrer teaches various workshops on living and thriving despite breast cancer. She’s the host of our popular television show. For 2020, she is spearheading our CELEBRATE LIFE Conference: Navigating Breast Cancer & Discovering Holistic Alternatives. This conference is the first of it’s kind on Staten Island. Dr. Charley’s revolutionary new way of thinking about cancer is turning heads, creating controversy, and reminding women (and men) that that life isn’t merely about surviving, it’s about THRIVING despite cancer. Check out her book series on breast cancer and be among the first to pre-Order her new book: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Breast Cancer coming March 1, 2020.

On a personal note: Doctor Charley loves exploring archeological sites, gathering information about ancient cultures and enjoys creative cooking. She adores sweet (not sour) cherry jelly beans and peanut butter logs. Her favorite love story movies are The English Patient and the Terminator. She enjoys hearing from readers as they inspire her to write and share her knowledge. Contact her on Twitter at @DoctorCharley or @CancerTamer


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