This amazing 5-Part Book Series provides you with valuable information on living with breast cancer and encourages you to advocate for yourself. You’ll also discover various Inspirational Quotes, challenges to help you CHOOSE your own path and a fun Journal Book to write your thoughts in. Discover courage and insight by reading entries in Breast Cancer Diaries and find your own voice.


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Breast Cancer Diaries:  Inspirational Quotes,
Thoughts & Comments
By Dr. Charley Ferrer
There is inspiration to be found in everything around us if we only open our hearts and minds. During my years of dealing with the “insanity” of breast and thyroid cancer, and the numerous complications and challenges each day brought my way, what I found helped me cope and keep a sense of hope and humor in my heart was discovering motivational messages, humorous material, and words which dared me to expand the way I viewed life and my circumstances. Within these pages are 365 Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts & Comments to encourage you to ponder the beauty life has to offer you regardless of your circumstances and despite your cancer diagnosis. Use Breast Cancer Diaries: Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts & Comments to create a sense of wonder, hope and peace as you blaze a new path in your existence.  For additional inspiration, encouragement and playful challenges, check out the second book in this magnificent series:  Breast Cancer Diaries — Choose

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Breast Cancer Diaries — Journal Book
We all need someone to talk to, someone to share our thoughts with, somewhere to write them down when we fear voicing them out loud. Use this Journal Book to jot down your challenges and triumphs. Within these pages you’ll find a new awakening to yourself and life itself, through your writing and the inspirational quotes provided.

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Coming April 2023

Breast Cancer Diaries
You are not alone! Throughout these pages you will discover the challenges and triumphs faced by other women (and men) who are living with breast cancer. Through their words, you may find your own voice.
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Coming April 2023


Do you believe your life is predestined or that you make your own destiny? Do you walk into a doctors appointment thinking the worse or do you go to address ways to improve your else? Life is about choices and this book will challenge you to consider just how you’d like to view life. Every day brings with it an opportunity to triumph. Will you?

Things To Do While You Wait
Going to the doctors means you have a lot of times to sit around and wait. This book provides you with fun activities to stimulate your mind.


A portion of the proceeds from these books are used to fund Cancer Tamer Foundation’s Celebrate Life Program which helps women (and men) with breast cancer participate in a fun day of adventure; because life shouldn’t be merely about surviving, it’s about thriving!  Prior Celebrate Life Adventures include white water rafting, Glass Beads Workshop, attending a Christmas show, and the Breast Cancer Diaries Play.