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During this episode, Cancer Tamer’s hosts Dr. Charley Ferrer and Debra Santulli-Barone discussed various resources and options available to you to help during Chemo and Radiation treatments, as well as discussion the a few of the options available to you and how to connect with them. Below are the website links.

1)  Mouth pain during Chemo & Radiation.  Solution:  Chemo  Mouthpiece

–              Chemo & Radiation can cause sores in the mouth, usually patients are given ice chips.

–              Chemo Mouth piece offers:

–  cools the entire oral cavity

–  stays ice cold for 30 min, can be used with sensitive teeth

–  No RX required

–  one size fits most adults

–  made with FDA medical grade silicone, water & salt

–  Visit:  chemomouthpiece.com  201-716-0693  or inquiries @chemomouthpiece.com

–  discount code:  CMP19

2)  African-American women and Breast Cancer.  We spoke a little about this subject last month, about nearly 40% more black women die from BC than Caucasian women due to: (As per Sisters Network, Inc)

–  diagnosed at later stages, treatment is limited, costly, might not have insurance, and prognosis is poor

–  often diagnosed younger and with more aggressive breast cancers,   Black women have the highest risk of getting triple negative BC.

–  National Sisters Network Inc. 866-781-1808  infonet@sistersnetworkinc.org  www.sistersnetworkinc.org , or central NJ: 732-246-8300  sncentral@aol.com  www.sncnj.org

–  Book “In the Company of My Sisters; My Story, My Truth. “ by Karen Eubank Jackson

3)  Beauty and comfort: Great organizations that gives you a free day of beauty at a Spa near you:

  1. A) Diva for a Day: adivaday@gmail.com go to: divaforaday.org .  Just have someone nominate you, or nominate a breast cancer patient.  Free: hair cut, massage, pedicure, manicure, lunch, makeup
  2. B) Look Good Feel Better- lookgoodfeelbetter.org  800-395-5665 includes:

–  lessons on makeup, skin care, brow stencil, wig tips, styling tips, consultations, webinars

  1. C) EBeauty – ebeauty.com offers:  free wigs and wig exchange program
  2. D) Sephora brave beauty – sephorastands.com  offers: makeup lessons
  3. E) Lipstick Angels – lipstickangels.org  offers: makeup lessons, facials, hand massage at hospitals
  4. F) Fabulous and Fighting: fabulousandfighting.org  offers: free designer clothes (NYC)
  5. G) Wigs for Kids – wigsforkids.org   440-333-4433, free wigs, handmade

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4)  Zoom Support group from SIUH hospital for breast cancer:  contact LPalmer4@northwell.edu

5)  Healthy plant foods to prevent cancer, fight cancer as per Amer Institute for Cancer Research:

–  apricots dried, fresh, canned have carotenoid like colorful fruits

–  Quinoa – has fiber, protein.

–  Avocados – considered a fruit, have Vitamin E, great in a salad, a spread on toast, in a wrap, or chocolate pudding, process avocado, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and a little almond milk.

–  Pumpkin – unsweetened pumpkin puree for smoothies, soups, stews, pasta.  Vitamin A antioxidants, protects cells from damage that may lead to cancer.

–  brussel sprouts – mini cabbages, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.  Roast with garlic and some oil, or glaze with balsamic vinegar

– Black beans – 1 cup gives you 15 grams of cancer-fighting fiber.  Dried or canned provide protein, so you can limit red meat to lower cancer risk.  Rinse canned beans, or buy low sodium.

6) Dating and the cancer person: 

  1. A) www.CancerMatch.com – connects people with cancer
  2. B) Book: “Romance only,” by Laura Brashier, writes about Intimacy without Intercourse since some have so much pain, they opt not to have intercourse due to their treatment.

7) Saving your Eggs:   Before deciding on certain cancer treatments you might want to save your eggs for future use. Some organization have grants to pay for saving your eggs, below:

  1. A) Heart Beat – ferringfertility.com
  2. B) allianceforfertilitypreservation.org
  3. C) livestrong.org

8) Retreat/camps:  Getting away from it all.

  1. A) Casting for Recovery – castingforrecovery.org

9) Home cleaning
www.cleaningforareason.org   877-337-3348   info@cleaningforareason.org

– works with maid services around the country for free house cleaning for cancer patients.