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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of Cancer Tamer. I have to say I’m thrilled by all the progress we’ve made in 2018 and how Cancer Tamer grew to provide even more opportunities for women with cancer. Though you may already be aware of some of the programs, workshops and events Cancer Tamer produces, I wanted to take a moment to recap them and share with you a few new programs we’re adding for 2019. I also want to share how the Cancer Tamer Foundation will play a new roll in them as well. We have a Spectacular Year planned and would love to have you share in the adventures ahead.

As most of you already know, I established Cancer Tamer shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 as I felt there had to be more than just surviving. That word, “survivor,” just didn’t fit with what I wanted out of life. Most important of all, I didn’t want to “be at war with my body.” (This is Cancer Tamer’s motto.) Instead, I wanted to discover new ways to “tame” cancer and more importantly, thrive despite it.

In 2016, I found a kindred spirit in Debra Santulli-Barone and she graciously agreed to join me on Cancer Tamer’s Television Talk Show which addresses the various topics women with cancer face. For the past two and a half years, Debra and I have interviewed various physicians, holistic practitioners, and discussed topics that affect a woman’s life—including those hard to discuss topics such as writing your Last Will & Testament; dealing with depression; fears of death; losing your breasts; and body image issues. You can watch over thirty of our shows on our YouTube channel “Cancer Tamer” or on our website at: CancerTamer.org/list-of-shows

In 2017, Cancer Tamer established a non-profit Foundation which connects with local vendors to provide services and discounts for women with cancer. (Yes, we help men with cancer as well.) Some organizations have provided freebies such as Ship Ahoy’s free standard oil change, and the Beauty Academy which provides a free hair shampoo and blow dry for women after breast cancer surgery. Plus, we continued offering workshops and supportive services to women with cancer.

In early 2018, we expanded the Cancer Tamer Foundation to include our new Celebrate Life Program, reminding women that life isn’t just surviving, it’s about thriving. With the help of community organizations, we were table to sponsor twenty women and three husbands on a White-Water Rafting adventure for our inaugural adventure. Women with cancer were able to attend free of charge! Check out some of our pictures from that trip. (Click here: http://cancertamer.org/rafting-overview) And in December 2018, we were able to take forty participants to the Christmas Show performed and sponsored by the St. George Theater. We were even able to make a dream come true for one of our women with cancer that night—to dance with the “Rockettes”. (Click here for a few pictures. http://cancertamer.org/celebrate -life/2018-christmas-show-overview)

Though we try to facilitate FREE or complimentary events for members of Cancer Tamer, we are not always able to do so. In those cases, our next alternative is to work out fabulous discounts. For February 9, 2019, (this year), we have partnered with Annealed Studios in Crawford New Jersey to take eight (8) women to make glass beads. This workshop typically costs $135. However, we worked our magic and were able to receive a huge discount for Cancer Tamer members. You can join this Celebrate Life Adventure event for only $65. The cost includes carpooling from Staten Island to New Jersey studio, a few munchies, and the glass beads instruction. If you are interested in attending, click the link below. Remember, all our events are on a first come basis. Yes, you can bring one loved one with you; just pay their class registration fee. http://cancertamer.org/celebrate-life/glass-beads (N ote to become a Cancer Tamer Member and receive all our sponsor freebies and discounts, just sign-up for our Newsletter.)

We’re still debating on where we want to go for our big Celebrate Life Adventure this year, so feel free to send us your ideas. Some individuals stated they wanted to return to the White-Water Rafting adventure; others want to go Race Care Driving; and still others Hot Air Ballooning or flying in a BiPlane (think the Red Barone and an open cockpit.) I already envision my white scarf flying in the wind. Be sure to respond to this email with your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to be as adventurous as you wish. You never know if we’ll make that adventure come true.

BCB Bank, Cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, Navigating CancerAnother program I’m especially thrilled with is our Celebrate Life FUND. We started this program January 2018 with BCB Bank on Staten Island. Basically, you open a savings account with $25 down and no monthly minimum or fees. Then you put in $1 for every GOOD DAY you have during the month, another $10 or $30 for every test result that went well. And any amount you want throughout the week or month just to CELEBRATE LIFE. The amounts are up to you; and of course, it’s 100% your money!

The premise behind the Celebrate Life FUND is that at the end of the year, you can see how many wonderful days you had and use that money to …well… celebrate. I saved $1,407.81 in 2018 and am using that money on a trip to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Just imagine how much I’ll save in 2019 and where I’ll go to next! I’m thinking the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand or the colosseum in Rome. You’re welcome to join me! It’ll be a fabulous adventure. (Insert huge goofy smile here!)

How much will you save in your Celebrate Life Fund and what will you do with it is up to you? You can always save up until you’re in remission, but why put off till tomorrow the adventures you can have today?!? To join the BCB Banks Celebrate Life Fund just go to BCB Bank and tell them you’re with the Cancer Tamer group. Issues: ask for the manager, Al Bonadonna or call me. BCB Bank can be found on 1500 Forest Avenue or 354 New Dorp Lane in Staten Island. You can always start this program at any bank of your choice.

Another connection we created in 2018 was Passionate Woman’s Body Scrubs & HERO oils. This sister company uses 100% PURE ingredients and essential oils to bring you body scrubs and HERO oils which you can use to wash-up and give you energy and vitality throughout the day WITHOUT the use of chemical toxins which so many of the body washes and soaps on the market have. Check out Passionate Woman&r squo;s website for a full description of products at: www.PassionateWoman.org Plus, you can earn 20% commission when you share these products with friends. Contact them to discover more at info@PassionateWoman.org

And finally, I want to share our most important program for 2019, the Breast Cancer Diaries Play. Several of you have already heard about it but here’s the full update. Breast Cancer Diaries – The Play is a dramedy—which has a little bit of drama and a whole lot of comedy about the experiences’ women face when being diagnosed with breast cancer. Debra and I are writing the Play. Cancer Tamer is co-producing the Play with the help of Sundog Theater. Save the date for Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the Hampton Inn. Tickets are on sale now for as little as $25. Best of all, join us for the fun VIP/Cast Party we’re hosting afterward with music, dancing and more. This is a Fundraising Event to help Cancer Tamer Foundation produce the Play and provide all the programs mentioned above. Don’t wonder what you’ll be doing October 5, lock in that date today and share it with us. And if you’ re among the first 25 people to sign up, you’ll get a FREE gift. (Click here to get your tickets: http://cancertamer.org/purchase-tickets)

We are holding a casting call in March (tentatively on March 24) for anyone who would like be in our, “Faces of Breast Cancer” video, and our “Sharing Love & Wisdom” video. This second video will allow you to share one thought, a little hope, and a loving comment with other women with cancer. Yes, the filming will be here in Staten Island.

Okay, I can keep going on and on about all the awesome things we’re doing at Cancer Tamer but that’ll be a really long letter—longer than this one. smiles.

I look forward to seeing you all at one of our upcoming events. Remember to sign-up for the Glass Beads class immediately as that’s in 2-weeks and slots are limited; and of course, get your tickets to the Breast Cancer Diaries Play.

Live with ROARING passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
CEO & Founder
Cancer Tamer, Inc.


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