Our first CELEBRATE LIFE White Water Rafting Adventure was beyond SPECTACULAR 


What a wonderfully SPECTACULAR and fun-loving adventure we had this weekend. It was such a joy for me to share our inaugural CELEBRATE LIFE – White Water Rafting Adventure with you all. Now that we’ve had a chance to relax, I wanted to recap a little bit of our adventure and share some of the pictures we took along the way.

For those that didn’t get to join us for our CELEBRATE LIFE – White Water Rafting Adventure, here are a few of the highlights from our trip.

We started our adventure with Personal Touch Limo, in their luxurious Party Bus which offered us plenty of room to roam and entertain ourselves. Our driver, Phil was very courtesy and professional, making the start and end of our day a pleasure. Personal Touch Limo was one of our Platinum Sponsors. Their support ensured we were able to make this Adventure possible. They will be our go-to transportation guru’s for future events.

For those of you wondering, yep, there was a “Stripper Pole” at the back of the bus which most of us tried out. I’ll admit, I wasn’t as graceful as most of the other ladies. Check out Carole as she demonstrates how to use the pole. At 78 years of age, Carole was our oldest participant and so full of life and energy, she brought a smile to our hearts. She even went ZipLining after the river rafting; talk about being full of energy.

Once we made it to the river, the staff at White Water Rafting Adventures quickly signed us in and provided a brief instruction on what to expect on the river and how to stay safe. Our instructor, Cory advised us we would be following her down the river, “as baby ducks follow their mama.” And of course, John was our “papa duck,” bringing up the rear and making sure we didn’t stray too far from the others. We were split up into four rafts. The raft I was on consisted of six participants. Talk about “high jinx” on the river. We spent the first 10 – 15 minutes figuring out how to paddle and stop going in circles; although we had a blast going down a few rapids backwards. And when we finally got our “river legs,” past all the other rafts, and caught up to “mama duck,” we just had to say, “Mama duck, Mama duck, quack…quack…quack.”

Of course, everyone on the other rafts had a spectacular time as well. (I look forward to having you all share your experiences and comments with us. Please post your them on our website. This will help others share in your experience and hopefully join us on our next Celebrate Life Adventure.)

I want to take a moment to acknowledge White Water Rafting Adventures support in making our inaugural Celebrate Life Adventure possible. On top of sponsoring many of our participants, they also provided us with discounts on lunch and ZipLining rides which many of our participants took advantage of. White Water Rafting Adventures also provided a fun BBQ after our time on the river. Can you believe we actually travelled 8-miles down the river in rafts? This adventure was definitely a “check mark” on my Bucket List. How about yours?

By lunch, we had all become friends—women with cancer and loved ones alike. It was wonderful discovering a little bit about everyone’s story and getting to know you all. I’m blessed to have you all join me for such a fabulous day.

And talking about blessings, I was thrilled when Claudia and her partner, Jim, offered to conduct a Healing Blessing for us after our trip down the river. Claudia is a Shaman—a Curadera as they’re known in Columbia—and called upon the Spirits and Guardians of the Earth and God to bring healing to everyone in our group. Jim sang a beautiful Lakota Healing Song for each member of our group. It was such loving experience to have shared that moment with them and all of you.

Once again, I want to give a big shout out to all our sponsors for their generosity; without their support our Celebrate Life – White Water Rafting Adventure would not have been possible. Our sponsors included: BCB Bank; White Water Rafting Adventure; Personal Touch Limo; Debra Santulli-Barone; South Shore Rotary Club, SI Dragon Lifestyle; Making MemorEASE; Zen Trading Post (Carol DiMarco & Dr. Anthony Schifano); Elaine Mackle of Tibetan Tones; SI Breast Cancer Research Initiative; Eric P. Storberg, CFP; John C. D’Angelo, CPA; Bobby & Denise Laren; Barbara Volpe; Lena Colasurdo; Dominic Volpe; Ritchie Lorenzo; Michael Gaffney, Esq; Chris Guzzo; and Del Carmen.

Check out more pictures of our White Water Rafting Adventure below.

I look forward to our next Celebrate Life Adventure. Remember, we do take requests, so if there’s a fun Adventure you’d like us to consider, let us know.

Live with ROARING passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Founder & CEO
Cancer Tamer Foundation



 cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer
cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer
cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer

A big shout out to all our fabulous sponsors who made this trip possible. Make sure to check out more trip photos below.


White Water Rafting Adventures Dr. Charley Ferrer Debra Santulli-Barone

Bronze Sponsors:


BCB Bank, Cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, Navigating Cancer
personal touch limousines logo


Jessica Lopez
Diana Lascano
Del Carmen, Author
Tibetan Tones
Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative
Anonymous — 3
Staten Island South Shore Rotary Club
Eric P. Storberg, CFP
John C. D’Angelo, CPA
Bobby & Denise Laren
Barbara Volpe
Dominic Volpe
Lena Colasurdo
Ritchie Lorenzo
Michael Gaffney, Esq.
Chris Guzzo, Making MemorEASE


Updated August 27, 2018


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  2. Thank you Dr. Charley for organizing such a wonderful, joyous day of bonding and celebrating life. We are looking forward to sharing more adventures with the group.
    Love and Light,
    Claudia and Jim

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