lymphedema pillows, cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer Cancer Tamer is dedicate to helping women (and men) who have/are undergoing surgery for breast cancer. Through our Lymph-edema pillows drive, we hope to help over 100 cancer patients this holiday season. We need your support to make this possible!

Lymph-edema pillows are used by breast cancer patients who’ve undergone surgery and lymph node removal. These special pillows are perfect to help alleviate the pain experienced and provide a little comfort. The pillows are placed under the armpit and held in place with the ribbons attached or merely your arm. You can use one under each arm to alleviate pain.

These lymph-edema pillows are also great to use in your car to keep the set belt from pressing against your chest since even that slightest pressure can cause discomfort.
Many women have enjoyed the comfort of these lymph-edema pillows and once done with their original purpose, can be used as a neck rest as well.

Support our drive to provide these special lymph-edema pillows to women (and men) undergoing breast cancer surgery. These pillows have also been helpful for heart surgery patients. And of course, we will be making smaller versions for children.

Your donation of $10 or more will help us ensure breast cancer patients receive a bit of comfort during these trying times. (If you would like to purchase one or more for yourself, please contact us for shipping costs.)

Note: pillow colors and pattern designs are constantly changing. If you wish a particular color when ordering, we will try to accommodate you; however, we believe the surprise is just as good if no better. These specialty pillows are sold for $25 – $35 on various online sites. Our wonderful volunteers make them for free. We ask only for donations to help us make more as we need to purchase materials and fabric. (All pillows are made with 100% cotton and 100% premier polyester fabric filler.)

Thanks in advance for your support!


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