Complimentary medicine isn’t a new field in the treatment of cancer, however, it have become more “acceptable” as a course of treatment to help payment cope better with the difficulties they experience associate to their cancer diagnosis and coping with the addition complications which come along with it.

Join us as for a special intervene with Kerry Gillespie, Director of Complimentary Medicine as we discover how Meditation can aid in your recovery, increase your stamina, improve your mental and overall health. Click below to view show…


kerry gullisepie, cancer tamer, charley ferrer, breast cancer Our guest:
Kerry Gillespie received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in health and physical education from East Stroudsburg University, He has worked in the health field and fitness field for third-six years. He was privileged to study the mind body connection under Herbert Benson, MD at the Mind Body Medical Institute in Boston. Mr. Gillespie has directed the Center for Complementary Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital for 15 years. He teaches stress management, meditation and runs the Smoking Cessation clinic at the hospital. He was an adjunct professor for 21 years, now retired, of health and physical education at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, New Jersey. Your can contact him at Staten Island University Hospital,  Nalitt Cancer Center in Staten Island, NY.


Cancer Tamer TV Show hosts:

Dr Charley Ferrer Press PictureDr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist & Sex Therapist. She is the award winning author of several books on relationships, sexuality and self-empowerment. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2016. Frustrated with the lack of information and treatment options available, Dr. Charley created Cancer Tamer Foundation which provides education and inspiration to cancer patients. She’s also the host & producer of Cancer Tamer TV Talk Show and conducts interviews on various aspects of care, both traditional and modern. The show provides education, information on new treatment options and health care, as well as inspiration to viewers. Cancer Tamer is based on the philosophy that cancer is not an “outside force” invading but an “inside force” residing. It’s in our blood, our breasts, our DNA. In our attempts to destroy it, we are inadvertently destroying ourselves. Dr. Charley’s revolutionary new way of thinking about cancer is turning heads, creating controversy, and reminding men and women that we should not be at war with our body! Check out Dr. Charley’s new book, Breast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery.


CT-show Debra Barone

Debra Santulli-Barone as Segment Producer on Cancer Tamer Talk Show, “Did you know…,” Debra enjoys researching information and sharing her discoveries and insights by educating the community. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, Debra is dedicated in helping empower women to overcome the challenges they face with breast cancer and other forms of cancer. She is a dynamic lady who helps with her son’s anti-bullying group, Play it Forward NY. She has a Bachelor Degree in Corporate Communications, minors in Journalism and Business. Her former job was Executive Director of the non-profit, Myasthenia Gravis Alliance in New York City. An avid music lover and dancer, what keeps her young is enjoying the original music her sons compose for their label Red Planet Records LLC. She is grateful for her loving family, friends, Cancer Tamer, and the Rossville A.M.E. Zion Church.


Cancer Tamer was founded by Dr. Charley Ferrer on the philosophy that cancer is not an “outside force” you must destroy to get healthy; it is an inside force that you need to “tame” and learn to live with to ensure a healthy more fulfilling life as cancer is in your blood, in your bones, and in your body. And once it’s gone, it’ll remain with you as a memory or fear of recurrence. Thus, the need to come to a better understanding and amicable co-existence with cancer and it’s effects.


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