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Today, we are highlighting an amazing product, that would be a great addition to anyone living a non-toxic lifestyle. It’s doTERRA’s Natural Deodorant. It is free of alcohol, aluminum, parabens, artificial colors and ingredients which makes it a fantastic addition for the entire family!

There is no better feeling then the peace of mind you get from wearing a good natural deodorant. This deordorant is infused with dōTERRA’s Cypress, Melaleuca, Cedarwood and Bergamot essential oils. These essential oils’ purifying benefits help to reduce underarm odor. Best of all, the ingredients are not only pure, but will actually nourish and hydrate your skin.

If your current deodorant lists “fragrance” as an ingredient, it can mean chemicals are part of what you are using on your body. Therefore, become a label reader! Don’t let companies pull the ingredient list over your eyes. Since our skin naturally absorbs ingredients, we must be sure to educate ourselves to find trusted options. It’s one way to discover what is better for ourselves and our families.

I have tried many so called natural deodorants. Guess what, they often don’t work. DoTERRA’s natural deodorant works and I like feeling confident when using it. Yay, it’s just one more thing I don’t have to worry about.

Want to learn how to use essential oils and discover which oils are best for various needs, contact our doTERRA representative, Eileen via email,

Check out our TV Show interview with our Wellness Advocates here:

Click on this link to browse and/or purchase doTERRA Essential Oils and products


About our Wellness Advocates:
Eileen Reiman
My family’s journey into dōTERRA Essential Oils and supplements began as we were recovering emotionally and physically from a very long commitment as caregivers.
Afterwards, as a family, we realized that we had lost sight of our own personal well-being. Exploring and incorporating such pure essential oils into our home has brought our family back to balance. Now I have a passion for educating others about these natural solutions for essential wellness.


Cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, DoTerraKaren  
I have overcome some health issues in which the use of pure essential oils and supplements have helped me to regain my health. I now enjoy helping others and supporting them in their recovery process using dōTERRA products.
Together we love to educate others on the use and value of essential oils, especially for those who are looking to explore a more natural lifestyle. For example the oils and products can be used for stress and anxiety relief , emotional support, sleeplessness, headaches, joint and muscle discomfort, digestion, energy, focus and being able to create a non-toxic home environment and much more.  Email us for further information.

Click on the picture below to browse and/or purchase doTERRA Essential Oils and products

Note: We recommend doTERRA essential oils as they are certified pure therapeutic grade and do not include any artificial nor synthetic additives as many other products do. However, there are other companies who provide essential oils out there. It’s always your choice. And of course, always discuss your health and introducing any products with your physician.


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