Here at Cancer Tamer, we believe in finding holistic ways to improve your life, reduce stress, and live a healthier life. This is why we’re partnering up with Karen and Eileen, Wellness Advocates, who work with doTERRA essential oils. Check out the valuable information they have to share and how essential oils can help eliminate stress and more.


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What is an Essential Oil?

Not ALL deodorants are alike!


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Check out our TV Show interview with our Wellness Advocates here:

Meet our Wellness Advocates:

Eileen Reiman
My family’s journey into dōTERRA Essential Oils and supplements began as we were recovering emotionally and physically from a very long commitment as caregivers.
Afterwards, as a family, we realized that we had lost sight of our own personal well-being. Exploring and incorporating such pure essential oils into our home has brought our family back to balance. Now I have a passion for educating others about these natural solutions for essential wellness.


Cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, DoTerraKaren Higginbothan
I have overcome some health issues in which the use of pure essential oils and supplements have helped me to regain my health. I now enjoy helping others and supporting them in their recovery process using dōTERRA products.
Together we love to educate others on the use and value of essential oils, especially for those who are looking to explore a more natural lifestyle. For example the oils and products can be used for stress and anxiety relief , emotional support, sleeplessness, headaches, joint and muscle discomfort, digestion, energy, focus and being able to create a non-toxic home environment and much more. For immediate assistance, text Karen at 646-207-9783 or email us

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