Don’t have time to sit through a full Cancer Tamer show but want a quickie? Check our our short Did you know… video clips providing quick valuable information every cancer patient should know.

Dr. Charley Ferrer, the Founder of Cancer Tamer, Debra Santulli-Barone our television co-host, and special guest Dr. Anita Nischal share some quick advise:

Cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer, cancertamer020916 cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, Anita Nischal, breast cancer

The philosophy behind Cancer Tamer

Other people’s reaction to your cancer diagnosis

Newly Diagnosed

The Origin of Cancer Tamer 

Life is what you make it!

The Secrets Behind Smoothies

Breast Cancer & Lymphedema

Diet & Nutrition

Yoga for Cancer Recovery


last updated February 16, 2022