We hear the word “vibes” being thrown around a lot these days in pop culture.  While most people have the general idea that it refers to our energy, how much do you really know?  And how does it play a role in your well-being and the world that YOU create around YOU. We are all energy. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, our physical, emotional and mental bodies are all ENERGY. In our time together, you will learn just how powerful your “vibes” are.

In this workshop you will learn techniques:
* to become more aware of your energy
* become and alchemist of your thoughts and beliefs
* the healing power of energy work
* what role ritual can play in healing
* Gratitude Grounding and so much more.

out our presenter:
Elana Haros is a Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master and Intuitive Guide & designer of the Soul Therapy New York Healing Collection.  As an Intuitive Empath, claircognizant & clairsentient being, Elana has an innate ability to help guide individuals along their path towards soul alignment.   She offers a holistic, safe confidential space where you can uncover your magic, strengths, and blockages all with the energy of love, support and empowerment. She incorporates different modalities such as meditation, reiki, hypnosis, nlp, past life regression therapy, the art of ritual and so much more. She is a devoted teacher, coach, and healer. She has since devoted her path to listening closely for messages from the universe on how best to serve others.  Whether it be through the products that she creates, prayers/ mantras that she channels or to just share awareness and   wisdom, she continues to follow the calling. www.soultherapy.nyc

When:   Coming 2021

Where:  Staten Island Museum
1000 Richmond Terrace, Bldg A

Cost:    $97 early bird special (regular price $127)

Use this link to use our Payment Play
(Note: Payment Plan is two payments of $53; includes processing fee)
Partial Scholarships available for breast cancer patients while funds last: Email us your request.

This is a fundraising event for Cancer Tamer Foundation.
This conference is a must for women and men with breast cancer, their loved ones and anyone working with them (medical and mental health staff and holistic providers.) Men with breast cancer encouraged to attend.


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