Energy flows freely through your energy centers called Chakras. However, when your Chakras are unbalanced or experiencing too many blockages, you can become ill, filled with diseases, and it may cause you not to feel vibrant.

The Journey Through the Chakras Workshop will place you on the path of Self-discovery and Self-healing. This workshop is designed to allow you to become more of whom you truly are; that higher potential within you. Through this workshop, you will explore your seven (7) main energy centers (Chakras), identify if they are balanced or unbalanced, and learn simple ways and techniques to help keep them balanced in your everyday life.

A little about our speaker:
Christine Elias is a Kundalini Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Moon Mother on a path of empowerment through peace of mind, body, and spirit. Christine is compassionate, and driven to help all Beings seeking balance. Her journey has been long, and often lonely while seeking to shed a dysfunctional attitude and poor self-image. Christine has spent the past few years assembling the broken pieces of her life, eliminated shadows, connected with the universe and healed, and continues on her healing journey. Christine is grateful for the opportunity to share her path, and to assist in the transformation of lives through her Journey Through the Chakras Workshops, Reiki Healing, Womb Healing, Spiritual Cleansing, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. In her time of need, Mother Earth spoke to Christine. She listened. And now she serves.

When: Coming 2021

Where: Staten Island Museum
1000 Richmond Terrace, Bldg A

Cost: $97 early bird special (regular price $127)

Use this link to use our Payment Plan
(Note: Payment Plan is two payments of $53; includes processing fee)
Partial Scholarships available for breast cancer patients while funds last: Email us your request.

This is a fundraising event for Cancer Tamer Foundation.
This conference is a must for women and men with breast cancer, their loved ones and anyone working with them (medical and mental health staff and holistic providers.) Men with breast cancer encouraged to attend.


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