Angel Readings, Angelic Workshops & Angelic Life Coaching provides guidance, inspiration & comfort on so many levels.   Like receiving advice from a trusted friend, your Guardian Angels will help you understand your past, recognize your present & inspire you to create a more fulfilling future.   You’ll start to choose more uplifting thought patterns as your Angels’ offer comfort as you embark on your journey toward reaching clarity in your life. Your Angels want you to rediscover your inner peace and understand that you deserve to live your life to the fullest. You will further realize that you do have the power within you, to make every day…your best!

A little about Andrea:
Andrea R. Freeman is the author of: Messages From My Grandparents In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours, an Angelic Life Coach, Certified Angel Card Reader & Blogger for her own site: Aerobic Affirmations.  She also heads various Angelic Workshops, such as Connecting with Your Guardian Angels, Guardian Angel Meditations, Intuitive Angel Readings & The Power of Self-Love, co-hosted with Laura Gotlin.

For over fifteen years, Andrea’s Clairvoyance & Clairsentient abilities has enabled her to connect others with their Guardian Angels & relay their loving messages of guidance, inspiration & comfort.  To stay current with Andrea’s Workshops, Book Signing Event dates & other news, please visit: http://www.AndreaRFreeman.com


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