CELEBRATE LIFE Conference Coming 2021

Our Empowerment Speakers

Dr. Charley Ferrer
The 9-Essential to Navigate Breast Cancer

Eileen Reiman
Discover the Power of Pure Essential Oils

Elana Haros

Carol DiMarco
Truth & Fiction
Dr. Anthony Schifano
Shaman’s Journey
Christine Elias
Journey Through the Chakras
Adrianne Cumberback
Living the Divine Feminine
Dr. Charley Ferrer
Relationships, Intimacy & Sex After Cancer
Dr. Anthony Schifano & Carol DiMarco
Intro to Reiki


Staten Island Museum

FREE Admission to all exhibits
Take a tour through SI Museum during lunch
Featured Exhibit — Women’s Suffragist,
Mastodon, fossils, and more

Bonus #2
Zen Trading Post
FREE Tarot Cards & Angel Card Readings
throughout the conference

Bonus #3
New App Car & Limo
FREE transportation from Staten Island Ferry
to Staten Island Museum for the conference
If you need transportation, please contact us.  


This is a fundraising event for Cancer Tamer Foundation.
This conference is a must for women and men with breast cancer, their loved ones and anyone working with them (medical and mental health staff and holistic providers.) Men with breast cancer encouraged to attend.

Platinum Sponsors:

Dr. Charley Ferrer

Silver Sponsors


Bronze Sponsors

TD Bank - World Trade Center Institute
Breast cancer diaries, cancer Tamer, Charley Ferrer, mid island rotary staten island

If you wish to become a sponsor,
please contact us.


This is a fundraising event for Cancer Tamer Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering women with breast cancer!

Please consider making a donation to sponsor a woman with breast cancer or her caretaker for this event. Use this link to make your tax deductible donations.


Last Updated May 19, 2020


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