Our Live TV Talk Show brings you various discussions and topics on living and thriving despite cancer. Our shows are packed full of amazing interviews with physicians; alternative practitioners; attorneys; as well as women and men living with cancer. Discover various ways to cope and enhance your life, discover what’s going on legally and how you can proper yourself for some of the challenges ahead. Best of all, you’ll discover ways Cancer Tamer is helping women with breast cancer in our community and how you can get involved, as well as, participate in our upcoming events.Check out our Television Talk Shows and documentaries full of valuable information on living and thrive despite cancer.  Click on the various lists to be taken to:


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Our shows and documentaries are produced before a live audience, or on location, or at the CTV Studio on Staten Island New York. Shows are produced and copyrighted by
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Cancer Tamer TV Show hosts:

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Empowerment Speaker and award-winning author. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and thyroid cancer in 2017. Frustrated with the lack of information and treatment options provided to cancer patients, Dr. Charley established the Cancer Tamer Foundation dedicated in providing empowerment education for women (and men) diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2019, she wrote the play, Breast Cancer Diaries which premiered to a sold out crowd on Staten Island & Manhattan along with two documentary files: Messages of Hope and Faces of Breast Cancer. During the pandemic Dr. Charley was recognized by City & State Magazine as one of Staten Island’s Heros for her dedication in continuing to help empower women with breast cancer. Dr. Charley’s philosophy on breast cancer is realizing that cancer is not an “outside force” invading but an “inside force” residing. “It’s in our blood, our breasts, our DNA. In our attempts to destroy it, we are inadvertently destroying ourselves. Instead we should learn how to ‘tame’ cancer.” She not only talk about empowerment, she teaches others to do just that through her various workshops, television show, and numerous books on breast cancer. Dr. Charley’s revolutionary new way of thinking about breast cancer is turning heads, creating controversy, and reminding women (and men) that we should not be at war with our body! Check out her new book, Breast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery.

CT-show Debra Barone

Debra Santulli-Barone
As co-host of Cancer Tamer TV Talk Show, Debra enjoys researching information and sharing her discoveries and insights with others. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, Debra is dedicated to helping empower women to overcome the challenges they face with breast cancer, as well as, other forms of this disease. Since joining the show she has continued her education by taking courses in nutrition and Reiki to be able to provide great insights and ideas to others. Debra is a dynamic lady who helps with her son’s anti-bullying group, Play it Forward NY. An avid music lover and dancer, what keeps her young is enjoying the original music her sons compose for their label Red Planet Records LLC.


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