Cancer Tamer  TV Talk Show addresses the various modalities of treatment available including traditional, modern, and experimental; as well as treatments and care which address quality of life for the person diagnosed and their loved ones.

Cancer Tamer is an upbeat talk show featuring the following segments:

  • Interviews on treatment options both traditional and modern
  • “Did you know…” segment which provides tidbits and current research information
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Body Love & Relationships
  • Inspirational message by a Cancer Tamer (cancer patient)


Dr Charley Ferrer Press PictureDr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist & Sex Therapist. She is the award-winning author of several books on relationships and sexuality, as well as, Breast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery. She is the executive producer of Cancer Tamer TV Talk Show and conducts interviews on various aspects of care, both traditional and modern, including comparative, palliative and experiential care. The show  also address issues hard topics such as body comfort and identity, depression, mourning and more. Dr. Ferrer founded Cancer Tamer on the philosophy that despite what we’ve been taught about cancer and the drastic modifications some of us experience with breast cancer,  you shouldn’t be at war with your body! For 2019, Dr. Charley is writing the play, Breast Cancer Diaries and has created a new series of inspirational books for breast cancer patients. Her upcoming book in the Breast Cancer Diaries series is, Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts and Comments being released April 1, 2019 followed by CHOOSE in May 2019.


CT-show Debra BaroneDebra Santulli-Barone is a dynamic lady who helps run an anti-bullying group, Play it Forward NY, with her sons. She has a Bachelor Degree in Corporate Communications, minors in Journalism and Business. As Segment Producer on Cancer Tamer Talk Show, “Did you know…,” Debra enjoys researching information and sharing her discoveries and insights. Debra is dedicated in helping empower women to overcome the challenges they face with breast cancer and other forms of cancer.

Cancer Tamer, Anita Nischal, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer, intregrative medicine
Integrative Medicine

Nutrition & Health
Dr. Anita Nischal
is a Functional Medicine & Bio-identity Specialist . She provides her expertise on how your body works as well as nutritional information to help you get healthy and stay that way.

Cancer Tamer was founded by Dr. Charley Ferrer on the philosophy that cancer is not an “outside force” you must destroy to get healthy; it is an “inside force” residing that you need to “tame” and learn to live with to ensure a healthy more fulfilling life as cancer is in your blood, in your bones, and in your body. And once it’s gone, it’ll remain with you as a memory or fear of recurrence. Thus, the need to come to a better understanding and amicable co-existence with cancer and it’s effects.


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