“Shine like the whole world is yours!” Rumi

There is inspiration to be found in everything around us if we only open our hearts and minds.

During my years of dealing with the “insanity” of breast and thyroid cancer, and the numerous complications and challenges each day brought my way, what I found helped me cope and keep a sense of hope and humor in my heart was discovering motivational messages, humorous material, and words which dared me to expand the way I viewed life and my circumstances. Within these pages are 365 Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts & Comments to encourage you to ponder the beauty life has to offer you regardless of your circumstances and despite your cancer diagnosis.

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Use Breast Cancer Diaries: Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts & Comments to create a sense of wonder, hope and peace as you blaze a new path in your existence.  For additional inspiration, encouragement and playful challenges, check out the second book in this magnificent series:  Breast Cancer Diaries — Choose.

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and award-winning author. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she channeled her frustration at the lack of information provided to women with breast cancer into a new company called Cancer Tamer which is dedicated to empowering women and encouraging them to become their own best advocates. Dr. Charley Ferrer is a thought-provoking inspirational new voice in the struggle against breast cancer because no one should be at war with their body!

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