Breast Cancer Diaries The Play Manuscript is a compilation of stories about women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, sharing a little bit of drama and a whole lot of comedy and inspiration. All the stories are true. The comments in this Play are intended to give Voice to the thoughts, dreams, struggles, and triumphs faced by women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Please contact the publisher if you wish to perform this Play or use as a fundraiser for your organization. This is the actual manuscript for The Play, perfect for directors and cast. Please contact us if you wish to produce or perform Breast Cancer Diaries The Play as a fundraiser for your organization.

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About the Author:

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Empowerment Speaker and award-winning author. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 and thyroid cancer in 2017. Frustrated with the lack of information and treatment options provided to cancer patients, Dr. Charley established the Cancer Tamer Foundation dedicated in providing empowerment education for women (and men) diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2019, she wrote the play, Breast Cancer Diaries which premiered to a sold out crowd on Staten Island & Manhattan along with two documentary files: Messages of Hope and Faces of Breast Cancer. During the pandemic Dr. Charley was recognized by City & State Magazine as one of Staten Island’s Heros for her dedication in continuing to help empower women with breast cancer. Dr. Charley’s philosophy on breast cancer is realizing that cancer is not an “outside force” invading but an “inside force” residing. “It’s in our blood, our breasts, our DNA. In our attempts to destroy it, we are inadvertently destroying ourselves. Instead we should learn how to ‘tame’ cancer.” She not only talk about empowerment, she teaches others to do just that through her various workshops, television show, and numerous books on breast cancer. Dr. Charley’s revolutionary new way of thinking about breast cancer is turning heads, creating controversy, and reminding women (and men) that we should not be at war with our body! Check out her new book, Breast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery.