Breast Cancer, Charley Ferrer, women's health, breast surgeryBreast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery

What you SHOULD know but AREN’T told.

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer?

Do you wonder what to do or where to turn to for answers?

Would you benefit from having a guide to help you navigate the insanity and challenges ahead? Then join Dr. Charley Ferrer, a breast cancer patient herself, as she discusses what you SHOULD know but AREN’T told.

Breast Cancer: From Diagnosis to Surgery provides valuable information on the challenges you will soon face while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Throughout the book, Dr. Charley guides you on ways to:

* Speak with your physicians
* Questions to ask prior to surgery
* How to eat healthier through Creative Nutrition
* How to address legal concerns
* How to create your own Cancer Tamer Posse

And much more…

Breast cancer can be hell but your life doesn’t have to be!

*This part one of a three part series on Breast Cancer
* From Diagnosis to Surgery
* From Surgery thru Treatment (Coming 2018)
* Recovery & Beyond (Coming 2019)

A little about Dr. Charley Ferrer:
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Doctor Charley turned her frustration with the lack of information provided to cancer patients by doctors and medical providers into a popular television talk show called Cancer Tamer. She’s also established the Cancer Tamer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing education and inspiration to women (and men) diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Tamer Foundation provides workshops, support groups, and more.

On a personal note: Doctor Charley loves exploring archeological sites, gathering information about ancient cultures and enjoys creative cooking. She adores sweet (not sour) cherry jelly beans and peanut butter logs. Her favorite love story movies are The English Patient and the Terminator. She enjoys hearing from readers as they inspire her to write and share her knowledge. Contact her on Twitter at @DoctorCharley or @CancerTamer