Thank you for your consideration to make a donation. Rest assured that every cent of your donations goes toward helping women who have been diagnosed with breasts, ovarian, or other cancers and their complications obtain goods and services they need to improve their quality of life. Some of the goods and services we provide are:

  • Special bras necessary after mastectomy which can range anywhere from $60 – $150.
  • Attendance at workshops on body love and awareness that she may begin to make peace with her body.
  • Purchase a compression garment to prevent lymphedema (a chronic incurable disease caused by removal of lymphnodes.)
  • Provide women with a FREE copy of Cancer Tamer Journey: From Diagnosis to Surgery or another book in the series. This book was specifically created to assists women to through the arduous journey of cancer.
  • And much more…

Please re-consider making a donation in any amount; and of course, email us if you have any questions or call for faster service.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation and contribution to

Live with ROARING passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

Cancer Tamer, Inc.
CEO & Founder