Below are several articles on breast cancer metastases and it’s connection to inflammatory disease, including arthritis conducted by Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy et all. Review for yourself the amazing results of these studies and connections being made between these two “inflammatory diseases.” Feel free to contact Dr. Lopamudra with any questions or add your comments below.

Breast cancer-associated metastasis is significantly increased in a
model of autoimmune

Collagen induced arthritis increases secondary
metastasis in MMTV-PyV MT mouse model of
mammary cancer

Systemic neutralization of IL-17A significantly
reduces breast cancer associated metastasis in
arthritic mice by reducing CXCL12/SDF-1
expression in the metastatic niches

Link Between Inflammation and Breast Cancer Metastases
Identified, May Be Treatable


Cancer Tamer, Lopamudra Das Roy, Charley Ferrer, breast cancer hub Lopamudra Das Roy, M.S, MBA, Ph.D. is the founder and President of Breast Cancer Hub with 18+ years of experience in Research, Teaching and Mentoring undergraduate and Ph.D. candidates in the field of Genetics and Breast & Pancreatic Cancer. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (Genetics) from Assam University, in addition to her research experience in Biochemistry at Delhi University, India. Dr. Das Roy did her Post-Doctoral fellowship from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, USA in Cancer Immunology & therapeutics focusing on Breast and Pancreatic Cancer. She received her MBA from Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, Chicago. Her professional career started as a lecturer of Genetics in Garden City  College, Bengaluru, India, followed by her Post-Doctoral fellowship from Mayo Clinic. She moved to University of North Carolina at Charlotte and served as Research Professor, awarded with grants as Principal Investigator from the Department of Defense cancer research program) investigating targeting therapies and signaling pathways in metastatic Breast and Pancreatic cancer. Dr. Das Roy worked as a Research Director at OncoTAb, Inc, focusing on Cancer diagnostics and therapeutics and as an Adjunct Associate Professor at UNCC & was awarded with Contract grant from National Cancer Institute as Principal investigator. Her original research work is attributed with numerous high impact factor publications, citations, press releases with global recognition from American Association of Cancer Research and public media for breakthrough work on discovering the signaling pathway between Breast cancer metastasis and Arthritis. She is a scientist reviewer of grants from Department of Defense and for Cancer related journals. She serves as Global Leadership Panel member at Fight Cancer Global. She resigned from her job of 10 years at UNCC and founded Breast Cancer Hub (BCH), a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization registered in North Carolina, in September 2017. Dr. Das Roy completed “Step into Impact” Nonprofit Executive Education Program from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management in 2018. Dr. Das Roy received “Award of Excellence for Humanitarian service” at Male Breast Cancer Coalition Conference, 2019 at Orlando, Florida, USA.

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