Our Philosophy:
Cancer may change our bodies, our looks, and shatter our self-confidence; YET, it doesn’t define who we are!

Cancer Tamer provides a new outlook on cancer.

For decades, we’ve been told we must battle cancer, fight it with all our might and rage war against it. It’s an enemy we must constantly battle, eviscerate, and destroy. Yet we’ve forgotten that cancer is not an “outside force invading.” Cancer is in our cells, our bloodstream, our bone marrow; it’s in our breasts and ovaries and other parts of our bodies. It is an “INSIDE FORCE!” It is a part of who we are. If we attempt to destroy it, we also–in the process–destroy a part of ourselves and can even lead to our own demise.

Instead of being at war with our bodies, we must find a way to co-exist with our cancer and the possibility of its recurrence. If we constantly tell ourselves to “destroy, battle, fight, wipe out, cut out, or annihilate,” than we create a battlefield we cannot possibly win. Our body will battle against itself as it listens to our subconscious’ dictates for destruction.

Let’s STOP the war against our bodies and instead begin to educate ourselves and find healthier ways to live with cancer and the fear of its possible recurrence. Through education, eating healthier, rest, exercises, and yes, medical treatment when necessary, we can live a healthy happy prosperous life alongside–and despite–our cancer diagnosis.

Our mission: Education & Inspiration

  • To provide education on cancer treatment and alternative/complementary options
  • To provide education on sexual health
  • To promote and enhance body awareness, self-acceptance, and sensual enjoyment
  • To conduct workshops on sexual health and body love issues
  • To create services and products for women with cancer which are not readily available elsewhere
  • To inspire women (and men) on life, living, and the pursuit of happiness


Cancer Tamer is a new outlook on learning to live with your cancer, its aftermath, and its possible recurrence. Becoming a Cancer Tamer is about learning what cancer “needs” to sit quietly by your side and not attack you. It’s about learning how to tame your cancer and create a new life for yourself. You can lead a prosperous, healthy, sexually fulfilling life.





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