We all know 2020 was a big pain in the butt. We had to suspend filming as our station was closed. And now we’re back! Live from Staten Island, New York bringing you the information and topics you want to hear. Below are the new shows we’ve filmed, filled with information to help you grow stronger, cope with the challenges cancer and the pandemic bring into your life, and discover interesting topics to ensure you thrive. Feel free to contact us with show ideas, to a guest on our show, as well as comments you wish to share. Click on the name of the show episode to watch and remember to check out Our Documentaries. 

Our Documentaries
Messages of Hope
Faces of Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer: Men Speak Out

Learning to love YOURSELF
during cancer! (Part 1)

Learning to love YOURSELF (Part 2) Overcoming learned helplessness


Happy New Year 2021 Kicking Butt in 2021




Breaking Up: with your physician


Supporting Our Community Revealing your diagnosis to family and friends


PTSD, Depression & Cancer Breast/Cancer on Staten Island


Cancer Tamer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women with breast cancer. Your generous donations help us provide empower education, workshops, resources, documentaries, and books on breast cancer. Please consider making a donation today! Just click on the photo below to be taken to our secure PayPal donation link.
Thank you in advance for your support!


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