This is not your typical Support Group. Cancer Tamer Growth & Wellness Support Groups are specifically structured to address the special needs of breast cancer patients, the various aspects of treatment and surgeries. We’ll provide information on resources and ways to keep yourself motivated. Each weekly session will focus on a specific topic helping participants GROW in strength and self-esteem.

Each Cancer Tamer Growth & Wellness Support Group runs for 9-weeks. Below are a few of the topics covered:

  • Your outlook on cancer and life
  • Journaling to heal
  • Financial support & resources
  • Emotional Health
  • Creative Nutrition
  • Where to look for answers
  • Reclaiming your sensual divinity
  • And much more…


We welcome women who are undergoing treatment, are taking medication and also welcome women who are NOT taking medication. These Growth & Wellness Support Groups are for anyone interested in healing, finding resources, addressing immediate concerns and much more. A course curriculum will be provided at the first session.

Each Cancer Tamer Growth & Wellness Support Groups is as different and diverse as its participants. We are focused on helping women grow and address personal concerns. To encourage and enhance confidentiality, each Group is closed to new member after week one.

Please review our schedule for the next upcoming group or sign-up for our Newsletter to obtain dates/times and locations.




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