We offer cancer patients–cancer Tamersthe opportunity for you to create a special video of love and encouragement we call Here & Now.

This is an opportunity to tell your story:

  • To impart your words of wisdom to loved ones.
  • To share funny memories about times gone by that you recall and others may have forgotten.
  • To build a bridge to mend old wounds and start anew.

Best of all, you can use it as a way to document your journey that you can witness your perseverance, your strength, and your hopes for the future.

Contact us to schedule a time when we can sit together and video tape your Here & Now video of love and remembrance.

Videos can also be made by family and friends as encouragement for a Cancer Tamer.

Things to keep in mind/logistics:
Here & Now videos are recorded free of charge. Donations are always welcomed! Recordings will be transferred onto a DVD and provided to the individual within 2-3 weeks. Recordings are live with editing performed ONLY if necessary. All videos are recorded at our location unless special circumstances warrant otherwise. We can add a few personal photographs to the beginning/end of the video.

Videos will be approximately 45 minutes in duration. Addition times can be requested.

Our studio is located on Staten Island, New York.

To schedule a time to record your Hear & Now video with our videographer who is also a Cancer Tamer, please contact us. You are welcome to call to discuss possibilities and questions at 718-916-4124.

Recording time slots are filled quickly. Reserve yours today!

Frequently asked questions:

What is the length of the video/DVD?
Approximately 30 minutes. Yes, more time provided if appropriated or negotiated.

What is the cost for the video/DVD?
It is FREE for cancer patients. Most recording studios charge over $300 an hour. If you’d like to make a donation to enable us to provide this service to others and purchase the equipment necessary, that’s always great.

Where is the video filmed? Can you travel to us, if we’re not able to travel to the video location?
The video is filmed on Staten Island. Special provisions can be made for home or hospital bound cancer patients; however travel expenses and time will need to be covered.

Who will film the video?
Our staff is comprised of individuals familiar with video recordings and production of our television show. We are not “professional” film makers. Recordings are conducted by our volunteer staff who have themselves undergone treatment for breast cancer or another cancer diagnoses. Dr. Charley also conducts some of the recordings as she understands what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer and the need to share a special message of love with those we treasure.

Can this video be used as a legal will?
No. However, you can request it be seen when your Last Will and Testament is read.

Is this video only for a “good-bye” letter to loved ones?
We do not view this video as a “good-bye” letter to loved ones. In fact, it is a beautiful way to affirm your and impart some words of wisdom. It is also a tremendous gift for YOURSELF as share your hopes for the future. You can view it whenever you wish to encourage yourself and gain a little extra courage and encouragement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: info@cancertamer.org