We all know the old saying about creating a Bucket List for adventures to have before we “kick the bucket.”  How many of you have actually created a Bucket List? If you have created a Bucket List, have you started to check things off it? If not, why not?

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you start looking at the mortality of life and you begin to realize how short it is. Yet more importantly, how precious the moments you spend with family and friends are; and how you want to experience every wonderful adventurous moment life has to offer.

We’d like to help you achieve your Bucket List Adventures; whether it’s joining you on your adventure, finding ways to sponsor it, or giving you a platform to share your adventure with others.

Cancer Tamer Foundation is looking to help sponsor a few Bucket List Adventures for our members with the help of our fabulous Sponsors. Tell us what you’d like to experience and why. Email us at: info@CancerTamer.org with subject title: Bucket List or use the form below. You can also share your Bucket List below. If we receive 10 or more requests for a specific adventure, perhaps we can make a fun weekend out of it.

As we explore this possibility further and find funding, we will establish and share our guidelines with you. For now, we want to see if there is an interest. Note: women with breast cancer, female veterans, and single mothers will be given priority. However, anyone can apply.

You must be a member of Cancer Tamer Foundation to qualify for our Bucket List Adventures and other giveaways we receive from our sponsors. To become a Cancer Tamer Member, become a part of our Posse, or sign-up for future Bucket List Adventures, fill out the form below.